Friday, October 4, 2013

Photo Dump...Randomness

B in her cuteness....

This beautiful dove was a little too close to me...AND his/her mate was on top of my car!

Finally made a meal everyone could eat (or didn't complain as much about)!

Friday of that was so stinkin hot, so I took Obug and Keegan to ChickfilA to run around!

I had a photo session the following day..jotting down some ideas!

And of course last minute I decided that my little prop stool needed to be painted...the day before the shoot!!  GAW!!

Finished product...

And I believe this might be the beginning of what was to become the invasion of the Tremaine Stomach Bug...pathetic!

Saturday was the photo shoot!!!  I love this sweet family...

Afterwards I strolled through Marshalls looking for future props.  I need big baskets and LOTS of blankets!!  

And I might have seen the cutest pair of little girl shoes EVER!!  Can't wait to find out what the bestie is having!!!

 Me...editing...and editing!!  Ha!

Finally Sunday...most of the family stayed home...because of the TSB, but I had to teach kids church.  This is the cuteness that made that day so much better!!

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