Saturday, October 5, 2013

Photo Dump...Tremaine Stomach Bug

To start this Monday, a picture of the only child going to school!!  Aidan was sick as a dog and Finley had started taking the sickness.  :(  

Walking to the bus stop she noticed our was so sweet and so innocent.  It made me happy and sad at the same time.  I love her to pieces!

And since we missed the worship team gathering Sunday (because of the TSB) I made the pumpkin cake just for us!!  It was warm, delicious and made me feel all fall-y!!

Monday night did not go well...two very sick boys and one sick little girl.  Joey and I had discussed that he would stay home from work with the sickies, so I could go to work.  Well at 5:45 when Joey was losing his last few meals, I realized that plan was not going to fly.  I took Owen and Keegan on to school and I got my classroom ready.  They sure looked cute that morning!

But by that afternoon (after having picked Owen up from school) we all just about died.  Joey was in our bed.  Aidan was still in bed.  Finley was on the couch.  Breslyn and Owen took turns laying on me.  Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and went in B's room to lay on her bed.  Owen followed and promptly puked.  We then snuggled up and fell asleep....then at some point B joined us.  All three of us were zonked!

Thursday I finally kicked everyone out of the house...we were all going to school/work whether we felt good or not!  I made B a new hair piece (not a bow...I CAN'T make bows)!!  I love it!

And that afternoon we went to tumbling...she got her new leotard...ain't she precious?!!

Friday the boys and I had to go to Walmart.  Owen decided to go incognito....

Yep...this is how we roll!  

Saturday Joey and I strolled around Southlake Town Center.  There are some amazing stores...and although I cannot remember the name of this cool store...I cannot forget a book I came across!! :O  Really??!!  And it is not one of those "it's a great book once you get past the title" kind of book.  It was bad...inside and out!

And finally I found some TOMS (at the same cool store as the nasty book) that my mom needs when she goes to LONGHORN games!!

And there ya have it...another exciting week.  Ha!

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