Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Dump...Way Behind

I am SO FAR behind on numerous A LOT!!  I have posts spinning around in my head and my fingers cannot keep up!  But it's not just my fatigued fingers that prevent me from blogging.  I am just too busy.  I like being busy...not all the time, but I like having things to accomplish.  {Apparently that does not apply to having a clean house.}  Anyways, I hope to soon catch up on blogging, but for now you get some random life pics from my phone...lucky you!! ;)  Teehee!

Oh my goodness this girl is sassy....and I love it!  She's got style...oh wait, I dress her...I've got style!!  Hahaha!!

I have the best Grandma ever...she comes over EVERY Tuesday and folds/puts away all my laundry and then takes us to dinner!  WE are very blessed!!


What's a little trombone practice?  

My momma taught me how to make this on vacation and it is a family FAVORITE!!!  YUMMM!

We were studying Community helpers at school and the local fire department came to talk to the kids and spray foam/water all over the parking lot...that was way cool!!!  I sent Owen to school in his fireman was quite a hit with one particular fireman!!

Well, that's all I have to share now.  I must either go clean everything something, check the laundry, do my quiet time, make the bed....or browse a few more blogs until the littles wake up from nap!!  What to do, what to do!! ;)

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