Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sickie Sunday and Aidan the Usher!

I had to stay home from church today because we have a couple of sickies on our hands!  Owen is running a fever and Finn threw up in the night...UGH!  I'm not feeling super great...I think all that wind yesterday blew in some loveliness that is now stuck in my nose and throat!  Anywho, I wanted to post pics of last Sunday.  It was a kid-centered service...meaning that kids lead us in prayer, took up offering and hung out during the entire service.  I was sad to miss it {Joey and I were upstairs serving in the preschool ministry}.  Aidan was asked to be an usher!!!  So cool!  I was able to take some pics and a video of his experience!

Learning what to do....

In place ready to go....

And my video won't post of course!!  Grr.  Oh well...we were so proud of Aidan.  I pray he finds joy in serving others.  I want all my children to desire to help and serve show God's love and kindness.

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