Monday, April 4, 2011

12 in 12: April

So it is already April 4th and I haven't posted my goal for this month. March went pretty well I think. I wanted to focus more on my family, but failed in a few areas. 1)Aidan wore awful clothes for Spring pictures, 2)Finn wore hideous clothes for class picture day {this happened the same week} and 3)I have not been the most attentive mom and wife the last week, because I was focused on a craft fair that occurred yesterday. But in general I know I did more for my family {including daily prayers on their behalf} than I have in a long time. So...YAY for me!! HA!

Speaking of the spring craft fair I was in with my wonderful friend Ashlee.....that is where I got my current goal idea from {yep, gonna end that sentence with a preposition! Ha!}. The show was a bomb...not a complete one, but let's put it this way....we made a $15.00 profit!!! I know...what a waste. However, I am choosing to look at it in most positive way I least for our next show we won't have to make a thing...we had so much inventory left over.

But after waiting forever for anyone to stop by our booth I began to get a little {okay, a lot} catty about people that were around us. I made some observations about a few people being stuck in a time warp, pointed out people sporting mullets {business in the front, party in the back}, laughed at a few people trying to sell cats made out of material from the 1980's, and was just overall in a nasty mood. I know that part of it was jealousy that other people were selling their wares and we weren't {especially since our things were and ARE so much cuter!!}. But I was just flat out giving in to sin...I was exhausted and irritated and basically just took it out on those poor innocent people.

I have caught myself talking in a derogatory manner about others in front of my kiddos, and that is not the image I want my children to remember and emulate. So can you guess my goal for this month?

I am going to do my best not to gossip, put down or talk bad about others. This is something I struggled with earlier in my life, and was finally able to get a grip on. So now I will try and overcome this nasty habit for good!! Whoohoo!!

Proverbs 20:19 A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.


  1. You look so great! Good goals too...I find myself wanting to "ask for prayer" for someone sometimes, yet really, I am gossiping about them. Uggg. I need to work on that too!

  2. Great goals...not gossiping is super hard, great challenge:)

  3. Sometimes we hear things about people that really isn't true. And if we spread the word, we are hurting our own image as well as the people we might be talking about.

    Even if you have been busy/distracted with the craft show, you are always a loving Mother. Even when the kiddos are being the dickens, you always have a hug for them.