Monday, April 18, 2011


Ok...really...I am not cut out to homeschool my kiddos. But after what I heard on the playground yesterday I am considering it!! I have been sick all weekend, and the kids were cooped up all day yesterday. We decided they needed to get out and run off some energy, so we headed to a new park. We went to a playground at a local elementary school, where a family was getting ready to leave and 4 middle school kids were swinging.

It was a great playground and we were having a good time....until.... a few more "big" kids showed up to play basketball. The ages of the big kids were approximately 14-16, but they had a little one with them...possibly around the age of 10-12. To make a long story a little shorter that younger boy headed over to where we were playing, but on his way one of the middle school boys who was swinging yelled out "hairy little faggot"!!!! My mouth dropped open and I whipped my head over to look at Joey...he just stared at me in disbelief.

What kind of child says that? What kind of parent allows their kid to say that? What message are we sending our children? I was so upset that I started rationalizing keeping my kids home and NEVER leaving the house again!! Okay, that is a little extreme, but can you blame me?

I know that I am responsible for raising my kids "in the way they should go", but what about all of the outside influences? I want to keep my babies safe and the world is just not safe anymore. They can't ride their bike down the street because they might get kidnapped....they can't go to a public restroom by themselves because they might get assaulted....and they can't even be around their peers for fear of being called nasty names.

I am so thankful for the influence of Christ, church and christian friends. I can only do my best, pray for my kids, raise them in the church and read the Bible to them. And through that I know I must put my faith. Horrible things can and will happen, my kids will be picked on and called names, but I must believe that we can handle whatever comes our way.

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.


  1. At every milestone in our child's life we mutter to ourselves "that was the hardest thing I have had to get thru". Labor and delivery, teething, walking, etc. Even though my children are grown and gone,even harder than "letting go", was allowing them to go to public school. The influences of other children, raised in a million different ways puts our children in harms way. Your experience on the playground is the perfect example. But your response is the only way to get thru it. God's way, His love for us and your faith that He will protect your children. So proud of you and Joey and the way you raise my Grandchildren. Love for you all, and prayers everyday.

  2. I have gone back and forth on homeschooling. Glad I'm not the only mama who wants best for her children, but knows her boundaries!! lol. I don't think my sanity will allow to homeschool my kids. I homes schooled them instead of sending them to pre-school, and I must give myself a pat on the back for teaching them as much as I did. The almost 5 year old still can't recognize all of his letters though. I did the best I could. I have really prayed about the decision to homeschool and honestly, I feel like right now, it's not something God wants me to do. That may change, and if it does, I know that He will give me the patience and teaching ability that I need, but until then, they will attend pubic schools and I just have to pray that God is watching over them.