Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sadness in a can:

This last can represents so much....
a fourth baby that is no longer acting like a baby..trying to walk and talk (how dare he!)
this season of life that is quickly ending

This was the last can of formula for little Owen (back at the end of March) and I knew I needed to capture it on camera before it hit the recycling bin. I remember after Finley and Breslyn that I knew I didn't want to hear from ANYONE that said child was going to be my last. I just didn't feel like I could handle it emotionally. And luckily no one really pushed that topic...and I never really struggled with it...I am guessing that God spared me those emotions cause He knew I was going to be blessed with a 4th, Final Encore child.
But that "it" is over, and I must move past this time of babydom, I am sad. I love babies, their sweet smell, soft skin, toothless smiles, the complete reliance on mommy.
I am so honored to have birthed 4 precious kids and I am so grateful for each phase that we go through...and soon I won't feel sad, and I will just look forward to the following stages of their lives!!

I love you sweet children, thank you for making me a mommy FOUR TIMES!!

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  1. Ash-ur the best mommy ever. ur kidddos are so lucky to have you:) focus on the positive. soon you will sleep all night every night...until they learn to drive:) LOVE YOU!