Friday, April 22, 2011

Planning B's Birthday!!

It will soon be this little girls 3rd birthday!!! Yay!! I already have the theme of zebra...originally it was zebra "print" not zebra the animal...but the longer I have thought about the party I think we might actually make it a zoo "ZEBRA" party.

Holy cow...just for funzies I looked up how much it would cost to have an official party at the Fort Worth Zoo and it is outrageous!! I mean we are talking $500 for up to 30 people!! What? Sorry that is just way too much for this frugal momma!! So....

I have not made up my mind what to do yet....small intimate party at the zoo or party at home...hmmm. I could do so much at home with zebra print...and go ALL OUT!! I could make it easier on myself and do it away from home. I must make up my mind S.O.O.N!! What do ya think?? :)

have a wonderful weekend friends!!

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  1. There are pro's and con's to parties at home. A pro is you don't have to use a public bathroom. You can set up how you want when you want...A con is you have to clean a ton!(kinda)
    I need to start planning my sons party...Headache for me!
    Either way keep it frugal.
    Have you gone to TIP JUNKIE she has a ton of party Ideas.