Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green Frame Envy?

So although I have done a few crafts around the house, I haven't posted about them more to come later!! ha!

First...I apologize for the bad angles for the final product...I couldn't get a perfect picture because the frame is in a small walkway. I could not get directly in front of it and get a whole pic of it, but you get to see it in pieces!!

Here is the beauty....I pulled her out of my dads garage and nearly fell over I was so excited!! Haha!! I giggled with delight while I did the happy dance!! It is HUGE and I am LOVING it!! I knew exactly where it needed to go, but was even more thrilled with all the detail!!

{ hubby loved that I took the "before" pictures in front of our ginormous American flag!!}

Look at those beautiful details...and once painted, it only enhanced them even more!!! Ain't she grand?!!

I dusted it, wiped it with a wet rag and then spray painted of the easiest projects EVER!!

And here she is in all her glory....I hung these four pics up a few months ago and I knew it needed something more. I decided a large frame to "frame" them would be perfect...and PERFECT SHE IS!!!

I really am so very happy with how this turned out!! Hope you like it as well!! :)

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