Friday, August 24, 2012

12 Hours In

So yesterday afternoon I felt a headache coming on....sometimes they go away, sometimes they don't.  I prefer not to take medicine unless I have to...and usually by the time I take some meds it's too late. :(  A little background....

During pregnancy all you are allowed to take is Tylenol.  But Tylenol had pretty much stopped working for me.  My MIL suggested Motrin.  So after I gave birth to Owen I jumped on the bandwagon and was taking prescription strength (4 pills) with every single little headache.  Well after 2 years of that I realized the Motrin was eating away at my stomach.  It was a terrible cycle...take Motrin for a headache, deal with horrible contraction-like stomach pain later {which could last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours}.  It was literally like being in labor with no relief.  I finally figured out why they put that warning label on bottles of Motrin/Ibuprofen!!!  Ha!  So for the last few months I've not taken anything for my headaches.

After a trip to the doctor last week and this week I've been given 2 for my blood pressure and one for my headaches.

Yesterday I had a headache that caused to me cry hard.  I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep.  It felt as though someone was sticking their fingers in my eye sockets and attempting to pull my eye balls out!!  No joke...exactly what it felt like.  HORRIBLE!!  And to top it off last night was Meet the Teacher night at my kiddos school!  Really?  I prayed like crazy and was lucky enough to lay down for an hour or two before we had to leave.  Finally I could stand without feeling like death and we rushed up to school {another post coming}!

After going up to school I ran to get my new meds.  I took both of them last night and they have been in my system for approximately 12 hours.  I was told that the blood pressure meds could make me light headed or dizzy...well about an hour after I fell asleep I was dreaming about being light headed!  I woke up and realized I really was feeling the effects of the medicine!  This morning I am still feeling slightly weird, but I hope this feeling passes.  As for my headache, my head still feels "tender" but LOADS better than yesterday!  Thank the Lord for doctors, pharmacists and medicine!!  I am feeling very THANKFUL for them today!  :)  

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