Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Year, New Class

Happy Thursday everyone!

Yesterday I found out I will be teaching the 3's class at Grace Place this upcoming year!  First...I have taught the 3's in the past and I L.O.V.E them..seriously...a lot!  Second....I am teaching with a great girl...who, is ridiculously beautiful!  Third, I am so excited to get into a new room...which is HUGE!!  Last year we kind of struggled for wall space...because of a particularly ugly "room" mural!  But this year our room is plain and ready to be decorated!!  Yay!

Today the kids and I ran up to school to begin the "alphabet" process.  Each year each student makes an alphabet book {we provide the letter, they craft it up}.  For that to run smoothly we have to cut out roughly 80 million large letters, cut the same amount of construction paper to 8 1/2 X 11, glue the letters to the paper and punch holes in the paper.  VERY time consuming, but the kids like it and the parents LOVE it.

I have to get together with my co-teacher soon to discuss decor, curriculum, etc before we start our week of training {begining Aug 28-31}.  I'm so excited to get this process started...not so much ready to get rid of my relaxing days, no alarm days and low-stress days!  I am ready for structure, for my kids to get back in school, for my kids to get back in school and for my kids to get back in school.  ;D

Tomorrow is my last day of "freedom"...beginning next Monday I start watching Joshua and Keggan for two weeks until school starts.  LOVE those boys, but it will definitely make for long days having 6 kiddos all day!!  Ha!  We are gonna play and have fun and enjoy every last minute!!

{Joshua 7}

{Keegan 3}

This time next year I TRULY fear I will be on medication to make it through my biggest boy going off to middle school and my baby girl going to Kinder.  I am crying now just writing that. :((

So there ya go...New Year...New Class!!!  Hope you could follow all my randomness!!

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  1. I need you to get busy at the school so you'll quit posting all those decorating pictures and making me feel inadequate. Do you like how I made that all about me? :-)

    Those kids are lucky to have you!