Friday, August 10, 2012

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

I just feel the need to do a post on some AMAZING people in my life...

Mom and Dad...or Gaga and Grandpa to my kiddos...we are so blessed to have them so close and so willing to spend TONS and I mean TONS of time with the kids!  The Fab 5 {Gaga, Grandpa, Aidan, Finley and Breslyn} have been busy ALL summer.  They have vacationed, played in the pool {about 100 times}, boated, put on a production of Wizard of Oz {another post on that later}, read about a million books and had about a zillion sleep-overs!!  My parents are so sweet to spend so much time with my kids...and I am beyond thankful to have such involved parents!!  I have benefited greatly from the big three being gone a house is not as messy, I've finally conquered my nasty Master Bathroom, I might have taken a few naps and really enjoyed some one on one time with Owen.  It has been so wonderful!  Thank you Mom and Dad aka Gaga and Grandpa! kids Great-Grandma...I am so grateful for her help....on countless occasions!!  She has taken my kids to appointments, scrubbed dirty spots out of my carpet {yes, on her hands and knees...scrubbing}, folded 4,268 loads of my family's laundry, taken us to eat dinner every Tuesday night, and that is AFTER she buys us a load of groceries at SAMS!!  My Grandma is such a blessing....she makes me feel number one, important, that what I say matters!!  What an incredible Grandma!  She loves on my kids and they love on her!!  Thank you Grandma!!

Bill and Linda...Memaw and Papaw....they are wonderful in-laws and great parents to Joey.  They spend such quality time with our kids!  They make the most of every single moment that they are together!!  They have gone to the movies, played in the pool and gone on vacation!  What awesome grandparents!  Thank you both!!

Ashlee {My Ashwee- said by Breslyn} best friend....she has shown me you can really enjoy your summer!!  She knew how anxious I was about summer and how much I HATE the heat!!  She has invited us over a ridiculous amount of times to swim in their pool, have dinner, play out front, play at the splash park, go to dollar movies, sweat at local parks and just enjoy the time together!  She is SO great with my kids...and I am so blessed to call her my BEST friend!  Thank you Ashlee!

Lastly the LORD....I can't THANK Him enough for all the ABOVE people!!!  How blessed am I?  Anytime I feel down...throwing myself a pity party...wanting stuff I cannot have {and don't need}...I think about how much the Lord has given me, all the wonderful people in my life and can't help but SMILE!!!  Seriously...B.I.G. smile!!!  :)))))



  1. awwww - you are so very sweet!!! you know you have such wonderful people in your life because YOU are wonderful!! love you!

  2. We are so grateful to a DIL who loves our son the way you do. You make it easy to love you, and those precious G-babies.