Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Baking

We are going to our Christmas ABF class party tonight.  We are bringing Cinnamon Pumpkin Cake and "Ashlee's Mac N Cheese".  Yummo!!  My house smells like baked goods and I LOVVVE it!!  Here is my little helper...and eventually another little elf showed up to "help"!!  Teehee!

I'm super excited about tonight for a few reasons...getting to fellowship with a great Sunday school class, getting to talk MORE to a super cool couple we met last Sunday, eating...duh, and because of a couple of outreach things we are doing!!

We asked everyone to bring all their clothes that they might consider donating/giving away/trashish and we are going to donate them to a local shelter...The Presbyterian Night Shelter {a safe place abused women can come and bring their children}.  We visited there back before school started and it was such a moving experience that I want to give again.   I will be delivering the clothes and I am PRAYING that my car is fully loaded down with goodies for the shelter!!!

We are also bringing stockings and stocking stuffers to give to another charity- Beautiful Feet.  I'm so glad our class is so willing to give of their time, money and love.  

I hope you are having a THANKFUL and lOVING weekend!  Only one weekend left till Jesus's Birthday!!!  Yay!

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