Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So...I haven't been feeling very crafty lately.  Maybe it is because I've had some major craft FAILS recently!

Good luck on this project...I'm sure it can be done, but NOT by ME!!!

If you attempt this project make sure your stocking holders are VERY VERY heavy...unless you don't actually WANT to put stuff in your stocking.  Then make sure your stocking holders have BIG hooks or the FLIPPIN' rod won't fit!!!  You could use a skinny dowel rod and just spray paint it, but you wouldn't have those beautiful finials on the ends!  This was definitely a BIG fat FAIL for me, but let me know if this worked for you! :)

I also attempted this PRECIOUS project:

I have wanted to do this for a couple of years, but this year I was determined to do it!  I already had the frame.  I bought some paper mache ornaments at Hob Lob and painted them.  Let's just say....yuck!  I tried to paint a chevron  I tried painting white puffy circles outlined with black  I will stop there.  I MIGHT attempt this craft again next year...maybe...maybe.

So there you have it...two big fat fails.  I am not completely discouraged.  I am excited to start another project soon!!  I would love to talk about it, but it is a Christmas gift!  I will be taking pictures in the off-chance it actually looks as good in person as it does in my head!! Haha!!

And I have a few other projects that I've pinned that I plan on trying after the holidays!!  Take a look:


I want to incorporate this look with my favorite song that I sing to the kidlets.."You are my sunshine."

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday friends!!

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  1. Crafty fails are a pain. I'll smack you if you give up. Not really, but I'm out of encouragement. Half of my light strand on the banister is out and I'm annoyed. :-)