Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Gift:Part 1 and Tutorial

For Christmas this year I wanted to do something special for my Grandma.  We didn't have a lot of money, but I wanted to give her something that was meaningful.  Then.came.Pinterest!!  Whoohoo!

I saw this idea and decided I MUST do it!!  She loves games of any kind....card games, dominoes, Quiddler, etc!

Here is my version (and tutorial)!!

3rd: Really this should be done early in the planning process...find a shadow box frame that will be big enough for your names/words.

4th: Paint the frame. {FYI: after the paint dried and before I reassembled everything I used sandpaper to rough up the edges of the frame a little.}

5th: Gather Mod Podge, sponges, backing of frame and material/paper for the background.  I chose to use material because I didn't want lines to appear from my 12X12 frame was 12X16.

6th: Apply Mod Podge...let it set for 30 seconds.

7th: Lay material down...flattening and smoothing out all bubbles and wrinkles.

8th: Cut off excess material and begin to assemble names/words.  I did not take a picture when I painted my Grandma's name tiles.  I wanted her name to stand out more that all the others so I just ran a little bit of paint along the edges.  I didn't worry about the paint being perfect...I kind of liked the uneven/uniqueness of those tiles.

9th: Assemble everything.  Then try and take a picture which is very hard to do when glass is involved!!  Ha!  My reflection was in almost every single picture I took. :(

And there you have it!!  It was a super fun project and I loved doing it!!  I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!! :)

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  1. I cannot believe you did this! I have on my desk the printed out "crossword" with all our names on it -- until I realized I'd need about 6 sets of Scrabble tiles to put in all the ones for my mom! This looks awesome. I'll bet she loved it!