Monday, December 3, 2012

Gots Ta Be Honest...

...I am really disliking this Texas Winter Weather!!!  I mean really??  80's IN DECEMBER?!  Grr!

It's hard enough transferring all our summer/fall clothes out of the house and then bringing in our winter/spring....then when you add on stinking hot days at the beginning of December?  It's just too hard.

I am having to go out and grab shorts out of our bins in the garage!!  Am I using enough exclamation points???!!!  Hahaha!  Just trying to make my point.  :)

This type of weather just confirms my dream of living a little more north...I want SEASONS...bad.

I want to wear scarves and pretty coats...hats and boots and not SWEAT.  I have a friend on FB that is currently visiting New York.  She posted today "I'm realizing that all of the winter wear that is fashionable in Texas is actually functional in New York! It is really nice not to be sweating in my scarf, tall socks and boots."

I don't want 6 months of snow either, just a few weeks of beautiful fall foliage...brisk mornings and evenings and a little snow. 

But I guess for now I will just dream....of a White Christmas, or of Letting it Snow.  ;)

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