Friday, December 21, 2012

Tired of Snot

Yes...tired of snot.  Okay, more like I HATE snot and it IS of the Devil {right up there with mosquitos}!!

Owen and Breslyn have been DROWNING in snot for DAYSSSS!!

I am also tired of cleaning up throw up.  Gah.

I don't do throw up.  Joey cleans that up.  I will take blood, poop, pee...but I reahehely dislike cleaning up throw up. :(  As I type B is sitting in my head throwing up in a trash can...and on her shirt....and on my bed.....ugh.

I love my babies, and actually LOVE that my kiddos have wanted to snuggle up with me this week.  But this has been a difficult week...trying to get last minute gifts, working, and cleaning my NASTY house.  Some of those things couldn't have happened without help from my Grandma, mom and dad!!  Thanks so much you guys for the help!!  I love you!

Oh and I am VERY thankful that what my kids have ISN'T contagious.  I mean we all have snot, but we aren't all running fevers and throwing up. Ha!  Yay!!

Enough griping.

I am gonna clean my kitchen now....pray I am able to find my countertop!!  No really.... Ha!

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