Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 28th...

I canNOT believe it is the last day of February!!!  Whoa...where did this month go?

And I've only written 13 posts (including this one) for this month!!  I really have A LOT to post about and talk about and plenty of pics to share...I just haven't had made the time.

I PLAN to do better next month at posting...I promise...ya case you are just so curious about my daily life!!! Ha!!!

Well, I will share a little story about my day today...My day was going pretty good until we got ready to leave preschool.  Owen decided to RUN dart out into the the school parking lot.  Normally when we leave there aren't that many cars left....but today we happened to get out on time and there were lots of cars leaving.

PRAISE THE LORD a mommy was watching when Owen ran right in front of her car...I was frozen. There was nothing I could do but stare at the scene playing out in front of me. :(

The mom looked at me and I thanked her with my eyes and the wave of my hand...then my feet hit the pavement!!!  I scooped up Owen (who at this point had continued to run past that car and around behind my car), swatted his behind and then ferociously yelled at him while simultaneously crying.  I buckled him in, got the other kids in the car, got myself in and just sat there while my heart kept racing.   At this point Owen was a blubbering mess and kept crying out for me to hold him...oh, how I wanted to...but I was shaking so much it wouldn't have been safe.  I don't want to even imagine how this whole scenario could have played out.  I told myself I could be riding in an ambulance right now.  I just decided not to go there with the whole "what ifs" I just thanked God for his blessing and drove home...holding back tears the whole time.

Owen fell asleep on the way home...I carried him in and sat and held him for an hour...I needed that.  He needed that.  I needed to hold his hot sweaty body in my arms.  I just squeezed him as tight as I could...I love that little rugrat.  LOVE.SO.MUCH.

I hope you are having a great Thursday!!!  It's almost the weekend...whoohoo!!! :)

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