Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is It Just My Son?

Ya know....I LURVE my boys a whole bunch.

But sometimes they are so gross I just wanna SCREAM!!  Which I did...this Aidan.

{My mom would tell me not to share all this, but I just can't help it!!!}

Owen had a rough night and during my back and forth shuffle to and from his room I noticed a HORRIBLE smell radiating from Aidan's room.  In my head, "Poor boy, must have a really upset tummy."  From my mouth, "Geez his toots stink!!!"  Well, let me say that that smell was the good part of the story! :(

Fast forward to this morning and I go check on Owen screaming once AGAIN, when I happen to follow the same horrible stench into the bathroom.!!!  My son pooped ALL over the toilet, on the floor and apparently on the COUNTER!!  HOW does one do that???!!!

In my head, "OMGosh that child is disgusting !!!"  From my mouth, "Aidan get in this bathroom and clean it up NNNNNOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!"

The best or worst part is he walked into the bathroom, looked around and asked what he needed to do!!  You have GOT.TO.BE.KIDDING.ME!!!!

And it gets better...I assumed he was actually going to clean it ALL so I moved onto my other morning chores.  Later B says she can't go potty because Aidan didn't clean off the poop!  Aidan tells me he did...that what B sees is the stain on the toilet (not really a stain, but where the white color has just been rubbed off the lid).  I assure B that that must be what she sees.

So I later go and lift the lid to find he had NOT cleaned the toilet.  I am suuuuper frustrated!  Like go up to the school, pull him from class and "discuss" the issue with him!!

I say all this because I believe it is FINALLY time for the kids to start doing REAL chores...not clean up your room, clean up the toys, put your dish in the sink kinda chores...I mean big chores....starting with CLEANING THE FLIPPIN' BATHROOM!!  I have struggled the last few years with this...I am a SAHM and it is my job to clean the dishes, clean the bathroom, etc...but they need to learn those skills as well...but I was just stuck at what to do.

Not.ANY.more!!  It's time.  I shall pass on my toilet wand baton to my heirs and set them to work.  ;)

I hope you are having a great Wednesday!!

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