Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today has been such a nice day!!

I wore a new-to-me shirt from my Momma..pretty turquoise...and I got lots of compliments on it!

Praise team practice went well this morning...even though 10 minutes before we finished practicing the worship leader looked over at me and said, "Can you sing the invitation song since you soloed it before?"  Well of COURSE I can!!  Haha!  I decided that is the way I want to be told when I am going to be singing a solo from now on...I didn't have time to be nervous (and now with our new in-ear head sets, I could hear myself so much better)!  Now...I did come in late on the last verse, but the instrumentalists are awesome and covered me!!  Ha!

During Sunday school we were paired up with some other couples we don't really talk to...yes, that always makes me feel awkward...but it really wasn't.  I enjoyed hearing their knowledge on the bible.  And we are all gonna hold each other accountable for future get-togethers!!

For once...nobody really complained about lunch!!!!  Victory!!!  We had burger sliders...pop them in the microwave..super easy AND fast..which is a plus since we get home from church semi-late.

I took a small, but quality nap in my chair this afternoon...bliss!  I feel refreshed!

But refreshed for what????  Well, for dinner with my bestie!!  We so enjoy each other's company..and we get to enjoy it at our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden!!  She may or may not have eaten 20 15 10 breadsticks last time, and I may or may not have challenged myself to beat her this time!!  I will win!!  I am so blessed to have such a great and caring friend!

Tomorrow the kids are out of school, so I don't have to wake up to an alarm {and they are spending the night with Gaga and Grandpa to boot}!!  Whoohoo!

See?  The goodness of today carries all the way into tomorrow!!

I'm super happy to say I'm thankful for all these things...ya know, with my previous post about the worst afternoon EVER!  ;)

I learned something this week at women's bible study...Beth Moore said, 
"YOU don't have the ONE situation God can't CHANGE!!!"  
BLEW my mind!  I have some things I've been dealing with lately, and although I knew God was aware of them, I didn't think He would change them {because I couldn't}.  I have kept that quote throughout the week and this weekend.  It has really brought a lot of peace that I was missing.  :)

Happy Sunday friends!!  
Thank you Jesus for an awesome day!!  

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