Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Instead of Blogging...

I was noticing that 1) I'm not getting as many people in to read ye ole blog 2) I blogged half the amount of posts (Feb) this year from the same month last year 3) I'm too busy adjusting to this new life to get chances to write more posts....but I miss it.  I miss it so much.  I miss linking up with other blogs and having strangers comment on how much they like my mantle, or just to say they stopped by.  I miss taking the time to write....because I genuinely love to write.  I've considered being a writer...don't judge my spelling, that is what spell check is for!!! :)

But with this new life I'm living I just can't keep up the same pace as I did in the past.  With Joey working long hard hours, especially on the attention goes to other things.  And during nap time I'm giving up TV/computer time to be in the Word....and I LOVE it!  I am choosing to make time for reading my Bible and talking with God, and it is what I need so much.  And some days I would just rather veg out and watch Reba or Criminal Minds (shout out to Traci) and sometimes I do, but I have to choose to focus on Christ first.  I choose Him, because He has chosen to carry ME through so much.  He has carried me through Joey losing his job (my biggest fear).  He has carried me through the unknowns.  He has carried me through screaming kids, difficult dinners and putting kids to bed by myself many nights.  He has carried me through times when my faith was/is beyond lacking.  But He doesn't just carry me through...He provides and blesses in every situation.  I would have to start another post on how He has provided for us in this difficult time...He is so GRACIOUS and GIVING and GENEROUS!!!  Thank you Lord for everything you have done and continue to do in our family!

I hope to get back to blogging a bit more...if time and attention allows, but for now I hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!  

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