Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Feb 23

Sunday the little girl and I wore matching denim...She was much cuter, but still I think we were a pretty awesome pair! :)

After church and lunch it was time for Keegan's 5th Birthday party...and I didn't get a single pic of the little guy!  Ha!  

This pic was taken pre-scared-out-of-his-ever-loving-mind.  He AND B both had on life jackets, and decided to go down the huge water slides at the deep end.  Well, I let them...while Joey looked on in terror.  Neither one was prepared as they hit the water and couldn't touch the bottom!  B freaked out, but doggy paddled to Ashlee on the other side of the pool.  While Owen flipped out and splashed around like a lunatic.  I finally got his attention and showed him how to paddle, and he calmed down and made his way to my side of the pool.  Well, that pretty much ruined him getting back in...he just sat on the edge the rest of the party...kicking his feet in the water every once in a while.  Great. :(  He did have fun though...playing with noodles and other fun swim stuff!

Our sweet friends from church brought over their daughter's Barbie is AWESOME!!  I want to go in there and play myself!

Monday morning this was my view...and what do you think is in that package in the floorboard?  You won't guess correctly, so I'll just tell ya!  It's Ashlee's pee.  Yep.  Pee.  With all her high blood pressure readings they are making her collect all her urine on Sundays...then she brings them in on Monday morning...or I do OR Krys does.  It takes a take in Ashlee's pee.  Bwahahaha!!!  I wonder if she's embarrassed yet!  :)  Love you Ash!

Wednesday night at Gopher Buddies I wanted to get a picture of our preacher's wife...Vicki!  She is amazing and so kind and so patient with all the kids.  But she is always commenting on how good our two are and that makes me feel so good!  They were playing a game while I took their pics!

 Thursday my boss, Sara, was S.I.C.K with the stomach bug so I got to help open up school and greet all the parents!  I enjoyed it, even though it was cold!  

Friday....WW meeting...they are pretty good boys!!!

Friday was a half day and all the kiddos in the entire close vicinity hung out and played!!  I love having so many GOOD kids for my kids to play with!  I did a whole post of this HERE!

Friday dinner with the folks and Grandma!!

My dad...I have no words!! 

Saturday I went with Ashlee to run "an errand" and while she ran in I took some pics of her CRAZY BOYS!! 

New spring wreath on the door...even though it was still cold...BUT it was the first day of March!!  :)

Mom texted me this picture...what I great Grandpa!  No wonder they love going to their house!! 

But in total Owen form, he was throwing up by the end of the day! ;(  So typical...he was fine a few hours later thankfully!

On to March!!!  I'm almost caught up!  Ha!

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