Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photo Dump...week of Feb 3rd

Well, most of this week is made up of Instagram Challenge pics...but that's ok, right?  Apparently my life was kinda boring this week, because I only have a few pictures!  Aidan's birthday was on Sunday the 9th, but I will do another post on that.  So....

IGC: Heart

 IGC...sweet treat: um, I'm currently drooling!!

Thursday was Aidan's actual as tradition was donuts for the birthday boy (except I forgot to pull out the birthday plate...shame on me!!).  :(  The 12 candles were almost too much for this little donut!!  Ha!

And then it iced AGAIN.  It looks like beautiful snow, but it really wasn't.  But hey, that's was still pretty!!

We went out for dinner to celebrate this kid!!  Pulidos...his fav!!

 IGC: flowers....these are the flowers Joey got B for her first birthday.  I still have them, and I very much treasure them.  I hope they keep till she gets will be hard, but I might put them in a shadow box soon. :))

I got a new vaccum Saturday afternoon...with it came Kohls cash...which I later spent on a new purse (see pic below!!).

IGC: Love going church!!

And Sunday afternoon before we headed off to Aidan's party, I stopped back by Kohls to pick out my new purse!!  It was a difficult decision...but the winner was the bottom right!!!  I do love it a lot, and I am glad Joey, and the saleslady, and Breslyn AND Owen told me to pick that one!! ;)

And just something to make ya laugh!!!  

Another week down.  Whoop!

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