Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Jan 19th

The poor dog was my yarn catcher while making poofs for Ashlee's shower!  

The floor also caught a "few" stray pieces!!  Ha!  Y'all seriously...I had to get a brush to get these bits out of the rug and carpet!  It was tedious, but so worth it!! :)

Monday I made some homemade Ranch...I was so excited to put into a Mason jar, oh and the fact that it was practically 0 points+!  But good gracious it tasted terrible.  I used a Ranch powder packet, greek yogurt and a little milk.  BLECH!!  It probably just needed some sour cream to "tarten" it up a bit...it was just too sweet.  Oh well, now I use Hidden Valley "Light" version...deslish!!

I made some YUMMY chicken....some sort of marinara, spinach and mozzarella cheese thing!  I loved it!  

We spent some time over at Ashlee's house...the weather was decent so the kids jumped on the trampoline.  I LOVE LOVE this pic of B!!

Tuesday night after dinner with Grandma we went to a shoe store looking for tennis shoes for Aidan.  He's too picky.  And this is what I was dealing with....goofy and cranky!

Ice cream was definitely needed deserved after that!!

 Wednesday before school!!  

After school we finished up quiet time....Finn is in Olympians and Breslyn and Owen are in Gopher Buddies.  We love our church and are so glad that the kids are not only involved, but beg to go each Wednesday!

We had this for dinner...it was SPECTACULAR!!!  

And so now is as good a time as any to share my Weight Watcher journey with you!!  Thursday night I attended my first meeting (well, my first time this time...I'm a repeat offender)!  I was nervous about learning their new system, but so excited to finally be there.  

Friday or Saturday, I can't remember which, Owen and I walked around Hobby Lobby...and saw some adorable material...I took a pic so I wouldn't forget it!!

Another week done....and I did go back and buy this material...it is just as pretty as I remembered!!

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  1. Trampoline hair!!! Awesome pic!
    Glad you're back - missed your pics!