Saturday, March 22, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Feb 16th

IGC...President (because ya know, it was Presidents Day): Zachary Taylor, my distant relative.

We hung out in the front lawn for a little bit Monday...the boys really enjoy digging in dirt...and stabbing my grass with screwdrivers!!:)

I made Ranch was fantastic.  And the best part is that the kids loved it!!

Tuesday Finley had a performance at school.  It was called "Shiver Me Timbers" and obviously it was a pirate theme!  Haha!!  Lulu joined in...not so willingly!

Yep....Owen wanted to dress up too!  And he wanted to go like this to the actual show.  I love this little man!


I had a date with Obug...

...before Gopher Buddies at church!

Friday night...Breslyn, Mrs. Traci (shower co-host) and I went shopping for the shower!!  We had a great time together!  B and I went and had dinner together afterwards!

Saturday was THE SHOWER!!!  Here are a few pics, but I did a blog post on it HERE!

There ya have it!  Again, it was another great week...super busy and fun!!

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  1. You're going to get caught up, and then what? :-) And remind me to ask you what IGC stands for because I forgot.