Saturday, March 22, 2014

Photo Dump....Week of Feb 10th

This week was fun and full of adventure...another iced snowed just-cold-wind-let's-cancel-school-again happened.  Whatever...we had fun together!

This was Monday night!!!  I can't look at this picture and NOT laugh!  We, as parents to a sixth grader, had to go up to the school and hear about next year.  We were all jam packed into the gym....and I decided to embarass Aidan.  So I leaned over to take a selfie with him.  He was not having it, but you can tell by his smile he thought it was hilarious too!!

So Tuesday was the "no school" day...and I did a whole post on it HERE!  But here is a quick pic of our AWESOME tent!  

Wednesday...I dressed her Valentiny all week!!

I prepared gifts for teachers and students!  Yummy...marshmallows, kisses and other chocolates!!  

Thursday was our V-day party at Grace Place!  I decorated the little tables with material.  We laid out their bags and a yummy treat.  I think they really enjoyed it...especially decorating their cupcakes with icing AND Valentines M&Ms!  

Joey sent me flowers to work...melt my heart.  I love receiving flowers.  Like...a.LOT!

Keegan gave me this sweet little package...and what was in this cute mason jar?

Well, I guess you will never know...because I scarfed it down!!  {Red velvet cake and cream cheese favorite!}

Friday was V-Day at LPE...and being room mom I had got to throw the kids a party!  Haha!!  I really did enjoy this one, it was pretty low key and the kids were more calm than Christmas!  B passing out her cards and eating a yummy treat.  

 Friday was also a half we were blessed with great weather and we hung outside all afternoon!  
IGC....Happy Place

Let's Play!!

Saturday I made about a million 13 cards for an ex-employee of Joeys.  They were throwing another co-worker a retirement party and they each got her a charm and told her why they chose that particular one.  I was glad to be a part of her special day!

What a fun and eventful week!!  My heart was happy and full!

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