Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Living Room Furniture!

I am so excited!!  We finally bought new LR furniture yesterday!  We've been looking for a while because 1) we don't even have enough seating for OUR family and 2) our seating is GROSS!!  Stains, smells, oh my!!  And the best part?  This furniture is legit!  Like actual nice furniture!!  Haha!!  We got it for a steal and that really is the best part.  Oh and it's comfortable, and fancy...so that's the best part.  And we all like it...that's pretty good too!!  Hahaha!  I cannot find a pic of the goods online, but I thought I would show some of my ideas for the LR.

We REAAAALLY want to change the flooring.  Our carpet is....um, "well-loved", and eventually we'd like to replace it.  AND we want to paint....okay, not really WANT to paint.  Our walls are builder grade, which is fine.  But that means the paint is no longer being sold, it's flat (every single fingerprint shows) and we are tired of always touching up the walls.  So soon (I hope) we will be tackling that project.  It would make me feel so much better when having people over!

These are some of my Pins and ideas......

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  1. Hiya - when you get ready, come see me. I've got the BEST tool in the world for painting. It's the Wagner Power Paint roller, and it will literally cut your time in half. You still have to do the trim work of course, but Joey could roll the walls of a room in an hour - two coats! We've used it all over our house. Look it up at Lowe's. This is not a spam comment - and they aren't paying me...but they should.