Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Photo Dump....having to skip a few days!

So apparently I didn't take any pics from about April 13th through April 27th!  Whaaaat?!!  I don't think that is correct, but that's what my computer is telling me....hmmm.  I hope it didn't somehow lose chunks of my VERY IMPORTANT life!  Hahaha!

So we will start with April 27th....I took pics of my friend Amanda and her beautiful baby bump...

Monday B and Owen had well-child appointments.  Poor Obug had to get 4 shots (which ended up being only 3, because they ran out of the CPox vaccine!).  He was a trooper and I was super proud of him!!

 I came across this and it spoke volumes to me....

Wednesday while stepping out of the shower this song came on Pandora....and I couldn't help but smile!!  And dance....smile and dance!!  I performed to this song in my elementary school talent show a FEW years ago! ;)  

Wednesday afternoon we picked this dude up from trombone practice.

B was anxiously waiting!!  

 This was about when we (Joey and I) decided we would start looking around at bigger houses.  We found one in our neighborhood that I liked A LOT!!!  

At some point Thursday Owen and I needed a nap BAD!! 

Thursday night my friend Haley and I went on a date!  We had SO.MUCH.FUN!!!  We ate at Chuys and then saw The Other Woman!  That movie was hilarious....so is Haley!!!  She kept me rolling!

Friday we had lunch with Ashlee.  Finn was "sick" and so he joined us!  

Friday afternoon we went over to Ashlee's to let the kids run wild!  Camille was being "Superbaby"!! 

 Saturday I had all the kids (except for Aidan who was at a band competition)...normally they spend Friday nights with my parents but this weekend they were in Canton!!  I was maybe a LITTLE bit jealous!  Ha!  But the three littles and I had a GREAT Saturday!!!  We went to Walmart and Lowes to pick up supplies for our flower bed!  
We traveled with our windows down...and this was happening in the back seat!!!!  Hahaha!!

They sure were proud of our flowers!!

We really did have fun doing all the work together!  They were so excited to see the finished product!  And I was thrilled that we were done by 12!!!  I expected it to take all day!  Yay for teamwork!!

We met Memaw for lunch afterwards!!  Overall it was the best family day I've had in a long time!!  

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