Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photo Dump...week of May 12th

Monday began with a new little girl in my house!!  Ashlee returned to work, and I started watching Camille (for the next few weeks)!!  She looks thrilled, right?!!

B couldn't wait to hold her when she got home!!  

Tuesday while at work, I discovered that I had lost TWO of the diamonds from my engagement ring. Boo!!  :(((  So now I'm sporting my wedding band by itself!

Tuesday night Aidan had his band concert!  It was well attended!!  We were super supportive, and only embarrassed him a few times!! 

I started nailing down ideas for B's upcoming birthday party!!!  It's Frozen themed...I LOVE OLAF!!  They need to make a movie all about Olaf.  For REALS!! 

Wednesday I had to take Owen for his fourth and final vaccine.  So we made a whole day of it!  Thank goodness both boys and Camille were great!  First we went to Taco Bueno...

Then the doctor's office....then ICE CREAM!!! 

OMGoodness....stop the cuteness!!!  

Friday night I went out with Haley again!  We have such a great time together...we went to Cheddars and then saw Mom's Night Out.  It was very cute.  I can totally relate to many of their problems!  ;)

Sunday evening B asked Jesus into her heart....what a PERFECT way to end the week (or start the week...however you look at it!!)!!!

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  1. Olaf! I will help you just for the pleasure of trying to make Olaf his own personal flurry! Love him. Love B. And baby Camille can come visit me anytime!