Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of March 10th

Our Spring Break Monday was a very sad day in our family.  Joey's grandmother, Rosalie, passed the week before and we had her funeral that morning.  I felt so bad for Joey and his mother...I love them both so much and it hurt to see them hurting.

After the funeral and lunch with my MIL's church, we walked around the mall.  While there we found an AMAZING deal on some incredible furniture!  Like real.GROWNUP.big person furniture!  We had fun trying out the seats and ottoman!  Ha!!

Since it was Spring Break,, Owen, Ashlee, Josh and Keegan made a run to Bahama Bucks for snow!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

It was a long day and this boy was tirrrrred!!

Thursday we were excited to get our new furniture delivered.....

...but the majority of the day was spent worrying about this lady!!!  She was having contractions all day!  We eventually went in to be monitored, and while she was showing great contractions, it wasn't enough to stay and have baby C.  :((  There were some sad ladies that night!!  Shout out --- Thanks to my parents for watching ALLLLL our kiddos while we hung out at the hospital!!!

Friday we decided we should have snow cones again!!!  They are THAT GOOD!!!  But this time all my kiddos joined us!  We took up three tables, but we didn't care!!!  :))

Later that afternoon we watched a movie and just chilled.  I was exhausted from a very busy week.  

I found this picture in my stash Saturday...Our 1 year dating anniversary!  I guess we liked each other!  Ha!

Sunday we went on a date {which meant hiring a REAL...LEGIT babysitter...which has now begun a love relationship between my kids and might be one-sided, but that's okay!!  They wouldn't stop talking about Reagann the whole next week!!)!  We went to Cheesecake Factory, World Market and then visited a sweet friend in the hospital.  

We didn't come empty-handed!!  Yummy muffins from Mimi's Cafe!!  

Whew....Spring Break Week is was over and it's back to the grind!!!

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  1. Reagann said to tell you it is NOT one-sided! And she almost spit out her toothpaste when I read her what you wrote.