Monday, May 5, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of March 17th

So apparently this week I was too busy to take a lot of pics!!  Haha!  

B & Me!!

Friday night {yes, I'm already to Friday night!!} we went out to eat with my parents and Grandma!  We ate at El Paseo...I love their food...but especially the chips!!  Yummo!

Saturday afternoon it was just me and the dog....livin' it up people!!  Ha!!

And I finished my Spring Mantle!

Sunday evening the deacons had a meeting at our friend's house.  The Lawrence family is just precious and so sweet to invite others into their home all.the.time!  After the meeting some of the families of the deacons stayed to have dinner.  After dinner, we meandered around their beautiful property!!

B and chicken feed....she would NOT get near them though!!

We had a great time....and a great week!! :)

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