Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of March 2nd

My uncle posted some pics on FB, and they had me cracking up!!

Look at this precious chunky monkey....yep, I am was pretty adorable!!  Haha!

My Grandpa holding me!!  Love this picture so much!

Sunday night we finished a school project...a scorpion made from Legos...Finn's dream homework!!

 My parents were out of town along with my Grandma (to visit my Uncle Marshall..if you can please keep him in your prayers...he's fighting cancer and he is a wonderful man of God).  My Grandma always takes us to dinner on Tuesday nights, so we decided we would go to El Fenix...even if she wasn't in town to join us.

Wednesday I made a HOB LOB run and bought this material!  Love it for summer!

 I came across this adorable picture of B, and it might have brought me to tears.  Oh, I love her so much!

Thursday Morning Mugshots with my rugrats!

This happened at school Thursday...funny boy!

 Thursday night was Open House at times with the best Kinder teacher ever!!

Friday night was date night!!!  Whoohoo!  We went to Olive Garden and furniture shopping!!

Saturday the kids and I ran was going to Don Pablos...where we had Sopapillas...and Mr. Manners licked the plate.

Sunday Ashley and I had an "Ashleey Day"!  We visited Belk and Golightlys among other places!!

I love my Ashlee and I am so happy for her friendship!!  We have so much fun together!!

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