Thursday, May 8, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of March 31st

Monday: Silly girl...that face...I get it a LOT!

I stole took some gloves from Ashlee's labor room, so Owen could play with them!!

Tuesday...this guy.  He's getting to be too much...attitude, personality, attitude, etc!

We watched a little Hocus Pocus and apparently dressed up as a backwards Superman!!

Some sketches for Camille's photo shoot the following day!

It was so much fun doing this newborn session...I love her and it was a privilege being a part of this day!

Afterwards we went for Snow Cones....again!!

Thursday we headed out for CANTON!!!!  WHOOHOO!!!

I painted B's nails and toenails special just for our little trip!!

B and sweet!!

Gaga playing horsies with Breslyn...I was in bed trying to stay awake!!  Haha!!

Friday started off with a little girl with BIG allergies. :(  We stopped at a local pharmacy and got her some drugs, but they ended up knocking her out...for 3 hours!!!  Luckily we rented a wagon and she rode all day!!

If you haven't noticed or aren't on IG with me....I enjoy taking crazy pics with weird manequins/animals/statues!!  Enjoy...:)))

Dinner...with Dad (funny man never takes a serious picture...he thinks it's hilarious)!!

Saturday morning...we were cold but ready to face the day of shopping!!!  


Mom joined in on the fun!!!!  Bwahahaha!!

Our loot!!  Too fun and I canNOT wait to go again!!

I was happy to come home to these three rugrats....THANKS Grandma and Ashlee for making this trip possible by watching the boys!  They had a great time with both of you and I am blessed to have ya'll in my life.


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