Sunday, June 15, 2014

Photo Dump...June 1st...Holy Cow I'm ALMOST Caught Up!!

Sunday night my parents came over again...we love hanging out together...and LOVE playing games!  We played Quiddler, while Grandpa "played" Guess Who with Owen.

Monday the boys were a LITTLE obsessed with Breslyn's new Barbie toys...they fought over them, A LOT, but eventually played nicely together!!  Ha!

B stayed home sick Monday...crazy mean Stomach bug!!

Tuesday the boys helped me get little presents ready for B's class.  We had an assembly line going and it was great!  They did a great job...and they are in their underwear because they had decided to play in the mud in the backyard.  So I decided to spray them down with the water hose!!  

Aidan loves baby C!!  

Tuesday night I put B's hair in "pink rollers" for graduation day!!!  

She looked so precious Wednesday morning and I SO wish I could have been there to watch her walk across the stage and sing all the cute songs...but I was down with the EVIIIIIL stomach bug!!  I was queasy for 15 hours before I FINALLY threw up!  My poor Grandma missed the celebration because she was sick too!:(

Thursday I was so busy with B's class party that this is the only picture I got!! :(  I enjoyed being her room mom, but I'll be glad to not do that this coming year!! ;)

And we found out Thursday that Aidan made Honor band for next year!!!!!  I am so proud of him!!  I think he is going to be such a great trombone player, and I know he will always enjoy his time in band! My favorite memories from high school were attributed to being a band nerd!!

To celebrate the last day of school we all had snow cones...or Joey and I did...the kids had ice cream!  They don't like snow cones...weirdos!!

Friday was my last day to watch Keegan.  It was bittersweet...I know he will have a great time in Kindergarten, but we will miss his spunkiness around the house (especially Owen)!!

BUT we will have this cutie around for a while...and we kinda like her!!

 I could you not just ADORE that sweetness?!!

Another week down...and the start of summer!!  Whoop!!

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