Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of May 26th

Sunday I taught Kids Church...

That night my parents came over and my dad helped me move in the new dresser and move the old one out!!  I LUUUUUUUVE it!

Monday morning I had the cutest little workout partner!!  (It was Memorial Day so no school!)

Tuesday Finley and I both stayed home from work and school...he had the stomach bug and I had a horrible sinus headache!!

Wednesday was Field Day for the middle kiddos!!  They have the cutest shirts this year!

Wednesday night at church was the end of the year party for Olypians and Gopher Buddies!  They had such a great time!!

Thursday was B's birthday!!  Donuts...our traditional birthday morning breakfast!

Thursday night was Grace Place graduation....he was asleep 2 minutes into our trip up there.  I wanted to join him!!

I adore these two little girls!!  The one in the middle is Ryenn...she was in my class this year, and the other one is her sister Brie...she was in Owen's class.  

 Friday was a big morning...little miss spit up all over herself and maybe pooped on herself too!  It was a mess...but a cute mess.  But it didn't kill my over-the-moon attitude because....

..I hit 10% weight loss at Weight Watchers!!!  Whoop whoop!!  I could NOT stop smiling!  

Friday afternoon I put together Breslyn's Frozen tutu and assembled all the goodies for her party!!

 I will share all of her party pics on another post...but here are a few from Saturday!!  Her party was at VanGrow Art Studio and we had a blast!!  

B and her friend Julien, Gaga, Grandma, Memaw and I went to lunch at Chuys afterwards!!  Yummo again!!

Saturday afternoon I was dead tired...but not B!!  She opened every single gift and played the afternoon away!!  

Saturday evening Finley, Breslyn and I played a rousing game of Monopoly!  Finley kicked my butt!!  

What a week!!  I'm tired just recalling it!  Haha!!  :)

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