Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of May 19th

So Monday was pretty uneventful...especially when you compare it to the rest of the week!!!  Tuesday was particularly busy.... Grandma sort of ran into our garage door!  Luckily she wasn't hurt and we were able to get a brand new door installed THAT night!  

Wednesday morning was 6th grade awards at Wayside.  Can you see Aidan....thank goodness he wore his bright shirt so we wouldn't miss him!!  Hahaha!!  

Camille cuteness....

Wednesday night was Gopher Buddy and Olympian Awards at church!!  I am so proud of my kidlets for all the work they did this year!  Go B and Finn (and Owen)!  Pastor Kevin called B up on the stage to talk about asking Christ into her heart and I was filled with joy...and tears!  

Party time...I can't remember why she is crying, but yes those are tears in her eys,

He was and is so proud of his bronze medal!! 

Thursday our new floors were installed!!!!  It was great, but what a mess ....we all six were piled on the couch IN OUR KITCHEN!!  It was tight!  I took the little monsters to dinner and dessert to get out of the chaos.  

The night started off well, but ended with a sick one in the front seat....and here is where the stomach bug STARTED (we are still dealing with it TODAY, June 6th...15 days later).  

I can't help taking pics of this girl!!  

Friday Joey and I went and had a late night dessert.  He LOVES taking SELFIES!!

Saturday Aidan was feeling better...although he did not finish all that was on his plate.  Don't you LOVE the horns sticking up behind his head?!!!  Bwahahaha!!  

Aidan and I ran errands together Saturday while the littles were at GaGa and Grandpa's house.  We specifically went out looking for a dresser and we found one...A PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL dresser!  I love it so much!!  

Saturday afternoon...girlfriend was TIIIIIIRED!!

I'm almost caught up on my photo dumps....what ever shall I do then?!!! ;)

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