Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of June 16th

Well I have posted PLENTY on this particular week so it won't take long!
First up on Monday was my dad's surgery...for more info on that go HERE.

Tuesday we caught up on our American Ninja Warrior tv...I tell people I don't watch reality, but I guess that is a lie.  I'm not so much invested in the people, I just REALLY like watching them work so hard and reach their goal!!  I am amazed by their strength!!

We played Longhorn Jenga and of course....MONOPOLY!!  

Lots of hospital visits to see Grandpa!!

And Friday we swam at Ashlee's house...I love this crazy, mixed up little boy!!  

Sunday I took a pic of B's hair because I just loved the braid.  Her short hair is growing on me. ;)

The Szymanski's invited us over Sunday night...dinner, milkshakes AND games!!  
We had a blast as always!!  

 Owen was a little anxious for his milkshake!!!

Another summer week gone!!  Only 9 more to go!!! :)

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