Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Joy of Jo-Ann

OMGoodness!!! I have shopped at Jo-Ann's (Clothworld for the old-timers) before, but I have never shopped for fabric by myself before. So I set off with a coupon in my hand and an idea in my head...make a quick shopping trip for some fabric and hot glue sticks. Simple right? OH NO IT WAZZZZN'T! It took longer than expected just to pick out hot glue sticks...still not sure I got the right kind. Then I carefully, excitedly, anxiously made my way to the back of the store....the fabric mecca!! Ahhhh...I stared at all the pretties!! Now where to begin...and then the panic set in!! I texted my momma (thanks momma) and got some reassurance that I could do this! I found some material right away...I was IN LOVE right away....then I actually found the other material quite quickly! It is all beautiful and I cannot wait to make the rag wreath! I'm hoping to get the strips cut by today...but there are four kiddos needing my attention...we shall see. I can't wait to post the finished product!! Woohoo!!

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