Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Love

I came to the realization last night at Aidan's baseball game that my children are so very lucky. They not only have parents that are married, but two sets of grandparents as well as two great grandmothers!! And how lucky they are to get to spend time with each one of them on a weekly basis.....just take yesterday....Gaga came by to watch the kids while I took B for her 2year check-up, Papaw brought us milk, then Grandma came and took Finn to get his glasses fixed, then Gaga, Grandpa, Grandma and Papaw all came to Aidan's game....and if that wasn't enough Papaw came back by to work on our lawn mower!! And do not be fooled...not only am I glad that my children get to spend time with family, I am thrilled for myself as well!!! Many days I am just about to pull my hair out when one of the grandparents calls to say they are coming by to get the kids or have them spend the night!! Whoohoo for WONDERFUL GRANDPARENTS!!

My kiddos also get to spend time with our extended family...numerous uncles, aunts and incredibly blessed they are!!

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  1. I think that as the Grandparents, we are also blessed. You have beautiful, loving precious little souls that God has sent to all of us. You and Joey just happen to be the Mommy & Daddy they landed on; and thank goodness for that. I know they drive you crazy, but I think you and Joey have the ability to raise each child as an individual, and yet be a complete family. Wonderful, wonderful!
    Love u