Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pinkalicious Party Prep

I am feverishly trying to get Breslyn's room finished, but it looks like it might be next week before I can reveal it all. :(  Oh well, I can still plan her 4th birthday party...that is all too quickly approaching!!  Of course PINTEREST is awesome when it comes to planning ANY party!!  Here are some ideas....

I don't know whether we are gonna focus solely on Pinkalicious, or add the other books as well {Silverlicious, Goldilicious and Purplicious}. 

Tell me that is not an incredible cake!!!  Wow!


cute doilies! 

Absolutely LOVE this cake...BIG love!!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Really like the individual cupcake stands for each little person!

Those are just a few ideas...but I definitely need more!!  I am excited about planning this party, and I really hope it will meet my expectations...we have 5-6 weeks to prepare and pull off an awesome par-tay!!! ;)


  1. love love love me some Pinkaliscious, or should I say my girls do!! Cute ideas! Have fun with that!! and YAY!!!! the blog is normal from my view!! ;)
    Big Hugs

  2. We have those books too! Libby has pinkalicious and Reese has purplelicious hehe .... love the individual cake stands too you can go to dollar tree and get little candle stick holders and then find little saucers to match and spray paint them ! :-)

    1. I've never made the individual cake stands, but I have made something with candy jars and candle sticks...they ended up being too top heavy, but I may try this!! Thanks Jen for always being so faithful to write comments!!

  3. This is a party I would want to come to:) I'm Kathy and I just started blogging and yes I'm talking to myself on my blog half of the time as I need friends. You and your friends are welcome to join me as I sew and craft at www.sewcraftykathy,

    1. Ha! Thanks Kathy!! I will come over and check you out! Thanks for leaving a comment, they are always appreciated!