Friday, April 13, 2012

A Precious Treasure: Breslyn's Room Part II

In preparing for Breslyn's new room I began my hunt for a new dresser.  I mentioned my quest to my family, and my Grandma informed me that my parents had an old dresser in their garage.  Now let me tell ya, their garage isn't your average two car building.  It is HUGE...and FULL of old junk vintage treasures!!  I found some dressers, and I was happy.....BUT then Grandma told me one of Great Grandmother's dressers was in there somewhere!!  So I went back in for another search!  And THERE.IT.WAS!!  A beautiful wood dresser that I've seen on multiple before and after blogs!  I was beyond excited about this awesome find!! 

What I did not expect was that once we (my sweet Daddy and hubby) got the dresser out, we would find a treasure trove in each of the drawers!!  Eeek!  This dresser is such a special find, and I am thrilled for it to find new life all these many years later!!  :)

Look at those GORGEOUS crystal drawer pulls AND the unique key holes!!

And let's just say after sitting in a garage for 30 years or so an antique dresser might need a little wood glue and clamping!!   

And these are pics of the treasures we found!!

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pearls, old perfume bottles, love letters, a piece of paper with my name and my brother's name written on it....oh my!!

A beautiful off-white bonnet!!  Precious!

A cute little mitten and rocker sunglasses!!

One of my favorite Great Grandfather's business card holder!  He was a policeman, and it is cool knowing he carried this around with him every day!  :))

Along with this incredibly delicate black shawl we found some other "not-so-lovely" treasures!  We found pantyhose, dried gum and the most disgusting item....dentures!!  SO GROSS!!

Even with the nasty dentures ;) this was a wonderful find!!  I cannot wait to show you the after!! 


  1. I can't WAIT to see it finished! And those treasures in a shadow box or something would be amazing...

  2. Hey Girl...I need some vintage furniture too! Awesome so lucky you are!! Check out chalk paint, I am getting ready to paint Brynnes dresser...I got it and it's supposed to be super easy!! Thanks for stopping by my inconsistent blog;)
    BTW when I go to your blog, the scroll pattern is allover, instead of having a box to read it just me and my computer?