Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {sharing excitement}

(so cute...this wasn't planned...they just both wore the SAME THING to school on the same day!)

{well, although it's supposed to be wordless, I have to share my excitement!!!  As you may or may not know Picnik is no longer going to be available...I edit ALL my pics through their website, so needless to say I was  sobbing very, very sad when I heard the news.  HOWEVER, I have found another website that does the same thing, you get the premium edits for free, and the website is more attractive to look at!  Ha!  I am thrilled to pieces to have found a new site...I've already got two families wanting pics taken, but I was hesitant without a way to edit!  But now...whohoo!!!  So excited!!  If you are interested and need a place to edit pics go here....PICMONKEY!!!  Have fun!}

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