Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Difficult Phone Call...

Well I guess this post is a shameful plea for prayers....my stomach is in knots, my mind is racing and my heart doing double time.  Why?  I must make a trip to the...duh, duh, duh....dreaded dentist!!!  Now for most people the thought of going to the dentist doesn't make their blood pressure sky rocket, or make them want to run away from home, or make their stomach hurt so bad they must spend a ridiculous amount of time on the potty.  In fact most people probably don't make an appointment with the dentist, hang up the phone, and then burst into tears.  And to those people I scream say, "good for you!"  Sadly I am THAT person....today for example...I made the call, got off the phone and proceeded to bawl.  If left alone I probably would still be crying.  Fortunately for me, my bestie walked in, my Grandma was folding my laundry and my kids were pounding on my closed bedroom door.  So I sucked the tears back up and boldly pressed on with my afternoon!!  Go me!!

Again, for most people this feeling of utter panic is not something they experience.  Unfortunately I have had way too many bad outcomes after seeing the dentist.  Whether the bad news was my fault (ie. not flossing, getting pregnant- which apparently, as I'm told, with every pregnancy your teeth shift and you pretty much will need a root canal/crown, etc) or heredity (gingivitis) I am GUARANTEED to walk away upset.  I NEVER EVER go to the dentist and hear..."Way to go Ashley!!  Whoop!  Your teeth look beautiful, white and above all are super healthy!!"  NEVER!!  The sad truth about it is I never will.

I am so jealous of people with gorgeous smiles displaying their glowing white teeth.  I catch myself staring at peoples teeth often...I dream of what it would be like to not have my problems.  To be perfectly honest....when dreaming of winning the lottery or having an incredibly lucrative career, my first "big spend" would be to get "new teeth" {inside family joke}!!  In other words, find a dentist that will fix EVERYTHING and make them white and shiny, and I would proudly grin from ear to ear!!  Ha!!  And I WON'T say that will never happen....maybe....someday! :)

One last word...luckily I am not big on showing my teeth.  Not that I don't want to...but oh my!!  You should see me when I try to smile and show my teeth at the same time....I just CAN'T!!  Like physically CAN'T!!  Hahahaha!!  If I try, my eyes get all squinty and close up...oh and my jaw starts to tense up!!  No joke.  I am not a teeth smiler like, say....Giada De Laurentiis {from the Food Network}!  Talk about a teeth shower!!!  She shows her pearly whites even when her mouth is closed!!

Anywho...tomorrow is the day.  I already know it's going to be difficult....first time I've gone in 2 years, new place, new dentist, first teeth cleaning in forever, pain because of my sensitive teeth, hearing any bad news, the financial aspect above all else.  All that to say....PLEASE pray for me tomorrow!!  I will need it and covet your prayers sweet friends!!  I ask for mercy, peace, no embarrassment, for a compassionate dentist and for hope.  I pray your Wednesday is better than mine!  ;)

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  1. Make them give you gas for the cleaning! Hubs did for years for the same reason. Totally worth it even if you have to pay yourself [Insurance won't pay for wusses. :-)]
    Seriously, I'm so sorry it's bad for you and I'll say a prayer tomorrow.