Sunday, July 15, 2012

8 Years

8 years ago....

I experienced the biggest trial of my life....

I felt an outpouring of love from my family....

I realized I'm NOT in control....

I discovered I can only be healed through the LOVE of CHRIST!

How blessed can one woman be?  I am so blessed...I have four incredibly AWESOME, beautiful, CRAZY, happy, LOVING kids!!  I praise the Lord for His generous gifts....four big ole rugrats!!

AND I thank the Lord for the many trials I have been through.  Life would be so boring without those stinkin' trials and tribulations!  ha!  {I really do mean that!!!}  I have had an EASY life compared to many people.  So many people can't concentrate on anything but their pain and hurt, and maybe I couldn't either if it wasn't for the fact that I rely on God.  He is the be all...end all!!!  He won't leave EVER, He won't STOP listening, He won't GIVE UP on you!!  That is the biggest blessing of all time....God is ALWAYS there.

And He was there 8 years ago when I lost a baby.  The pain gets a little bit easier every year...and I don't dwell on the loss.  But I do ponder life in "what if" land...what if my baby had survived?  What if I had never had Finley?  What if the next baby I lost would have survived?  What would their ages be now?   But the question I never have to ask is...was this God's will.  This was all in His divine plan.  I grew from it, Joey and I grew as a couple because of it, and we became closer to Christ through it!

But today I ask for your prayers...prayers for a super sweet couple.  Their initials are J and A.  They have had MULTIPLE miscarriages.  And last weekend, after they thought they were in the clear....she went into premature labor and lost the baby.  She was 17 weeks along.  When I heard the news last Sunday I was so sad.  Then the longer I sat there in Sunday school the more the news sunk in.  She lost her baby the exact same week (in July) I did, and her baby was as far along as mine (17 weeks).  The similarities were uncanny.  My feelings came flooding back and my heart broke.

I ask for you to pray for blessings on this family...and that GOD would make His will perfectly CLEAR.  Adoption...trying again in faith that He will provide...not ever having children.  They need clear direction.  And I ask that you pray for peace, that ONLY GOD can provide.

If you want to know the details of our loss you can go HERE.

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