Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Most Amazing Gift....

As a mother, the most important decision my child can make is to accept CHRIST as his/her savior.  This prayer request is at the top of my list when praying over my children.

May 11th my oldest son, AIDAN, accepted Christ as his savior....I cannot express the amazing feelings that came over me upon finding out!!!  And what I mean by finding out....Aidan led himself to Christ!!!  Can you believe that?  A 10 year old boy asked Jesus to come into his!  I was in awe of his maturity.

We have since discussed with him on multiple occasions the significance in his decision, and we believe he knows fully what it means to ask God into his heart....AMEN!!

In accepting Christ, Aidan has been given the MOST AMAZING GIFT EVER!!

Now that he has made this commitment, I PRAY that we are able to come along side him and disciple lead the life of a Christ-follower {not just a Christian}.  I want him to make Christ his number one priority, living only to serve Him.  We have discussed that he is very often going to have to make choices that aren't popular.

I am so proud of this sweet boy...

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