Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kids Who Care Camp Day 4

Day 4 of camp was SUPER HERO day!!  Finn wore basically this same outfit last year....but B, well, we were lucky she received this BATGIRL shirt for her birthday {Thanks My Ashwee}!  It was perfect!!  The day before camp I remembered this little cape, but thought I wouldn't have a clue on where to find it.  I walked into the garage and THERE IT WAS...right in front of my eyes on a little table!!  I couldn't believe it.  Yay!!  I loved both outfits!  :)

{sadly this was the only pic I got of Finn...the light was bright outside, so he couldn't keep his eyes open for most of the pictures}

Love these kiddos and their wonderful imaginations!!  SUPER HEROES AWAY!!!


  1. My son is obsessed with super heros! His 5th birthday will most likely be super hero themed! I'm sure that was a fun camp day!

  2. Of COURSE B is Batgirl in a skirt. And Fin just looks fierce with his squinty eyes. What a hoot!