Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kids Who Care Camp Day 1

The first week of Summer break Finley and Breslyn went to camp...but not just any camp!!  They went to Kids Who Care camp!!  "Kids Who Care is a non-profit international theatre company that produces confident and creative kids through musical theatre education and performance."  Let me tell you that it is an incredible experience and my kids absolutely LOVED it!!  Before we move on to the pics I have to give a big ole shout out to my Mommy...she paid for this week for the both of them.  We so lucky that Mom also works at KWC and she was able to spend time with them during the day!!  Thanks for your generosity Mom!!  They love you so much!

Each day had a different crazy theme...the first day was "FAVORITE COLOR" DAY....{my favorite color turquoise..teehee}!

Breslyn's favorite color {big surprise!} PINK....

Finley's favorite color....BLACK...really??  Black...well, it is slimming!  Haha!!

They had a wonderful time...each and EVERY day.  Day 2 coming soon!!

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