Monday, July 16, 2012

Our First FAMILY Mission Trip

During Spring Break of this year we traveled to Mission, Texas to take part in our FIRST mission trip!!  I felt a tug at my heart when our pastor first mentioned this trip.  I didn't really want to go.  I am not a get-out-there, in-your-face kind of girl!  And that is what I assumed you had to be like to go on a mission trip.  And to be honest you can get out there and really preach to people, or you can make a difference passing out information about Christ.  And trust me, I witnessed both.  Our job was to go door to door handing out a package containing an invitation to an Easter service and a tract telling how to ask God into your heart.  

Here is a pic of our LOOOOONG trip down there.  It was raining and freezing the day we left.  I was very nervous about being in a 15 passenger van with my own kids and others for over 12 hours!!  But the Lord was gracious and I didn't get irritated at all!!  {Well, maybe a little....on the way back home...hour 11 was right around my breaking point!!}  

We pulled into Mission around midnight I was all a big blur!!  Our trip was not without it's bumps and bruises!!  The trip was all okay until one of the girls threw up in the back seat...she actually threw up on her best friend!!  We pulled over to "handle" that....OMGoodness the smell was terrible.  But they were able to clean the van, clear the air and we started to load back up.  Then it happened....said best friend got her fingers shut in the van doors!!  It was terrible!  We all felt so bad for her.  Luckily nothing was broken and we were on our way once more.  But....the stomach bug had hit, and it wasn't going away quietly in the night!!  We got to sleep around 2 am....and sometime during the night POOR best friend threw up!!  Luckily I was not awake for that!!  Haha!!  

The next day we awoke refreshed and ready to work.  Here are a few pics of the members of our team preparing for the day!!

Love this sweet lady....Sherry!!  She is a trooper and an amazing woman!!  

Ms. Betty and my WONDERFUL friend (and Sunday school teacher) Rachel.  I need to write a whole post on the incredible Rachel Robbins {as well as her sweet husband Chris}!!  

Speaking of....Chris Sunday school teacher and Children's Director EVER!!

Mrs. Jerri Watts...super sweet and fun to be around! 

Our pastor....Kevin Barke!!  He is a great leader and an such an encouragement!!

We traveled to the local church where we would get our "marching orders" and had a little training on what was expected of us.  I will tell you....I was VERY nervous.  Going house to house in a neighborhood I don't know, and putting packages on peoples doors was WAY out of my comfort zone!!  But I was willing to do what God had asked to do!!  {And what a blessing I received!}  A man from SBTC {Southern Baptists of Texas} gave us our instructions, we picked up our packets and headed out!!

The plan was as follows....Joey would drive our van and drop us off in clumps on different streets, we would split up on either side of the street and pass out the door hangers.  I must tell you...these were NOT nice neighborhoods.  They were dirty and scary...and I was fearful.  I can't tell you how many dogs we came across {we lost count at around 75}.  BUT the Lord calmed my nerves and softened my we started our journey.  We were told to put the hangers on the door knobs or fences.  I was SO PROUD watching my littles step out of their comfort zones!!!

And this is my FAVORITE picture of the entire trip!!!  I cry looking at it now.  My little son went out of his way to give this woman her package.  I cannot put into words what this did for my soul.  To see God using my little rugrat to further the work of Christ was amazing and truly humbling!!  

On a few occasions I was able to give the hangers directly to the home owners as well.  Each time I tried to compliment them and give them the biggest smile possible.  I wasn't able to communicate well...even though I took Spanish in High School and college!!  Ha!  

Here is what our hangers looked like!!

Hitting an apartment complex!!

Garrett working hard!! 

Josie, Brynn and Aidan sweating in out for the LORD!!! :)

The next day we headed out again and did the exact same thing...but in a different area of was a much nicer area.  It was SUPER hot this day...but we had some great troopers!!  They worked hard and were such great examples of showing Christ's love!!

Paul working hard and making a difference!

This happy boy below was pushing through a bout of upset tummy.  I kept hoping it would pass.  It didn't!!

We ate at a "real" Mexican food restaurant {not tex-mex...which is what I like}...and it!?  Yuck!  Ha!  We gathered back in the van and got about 1/4 mile down the road when Aidan said he was not feeling well.  Luckily this momma was prepared!!  I had brought Wal-Mart sacks for just such an occasion!!  I pulled it out and held it while he puked into it!!  Oh my...the joys of motherhood!!  Haha!!  As with almost everyone who got the bug...once you have one REALLY good vomit episode it passes!!  Thank goodness!!  

Our awesome pastor playing water bottle fight with the kiddos!!

The next day we headed home, and it was a pretty uneventful trip....unless you were poor Mike!  He was the last to get the stomach bug, and it hit him HARD!!!  We stopped many times on the side of the road for him to "work through" his issues!!  Poor thing had a very difficult day!  He was a trooper though and even kept a smile on his face the whole day!!!

In the end I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go.  It was an amazing experience and I am go glad the Holy Spirit kept prompting my heart to go on our first {of many I hope} family mission trip!!  

{Yay, for PUKEFEST 2012!!!  Teehee!}

Mark 16:15-16
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.  

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  1. So, So, Sooooooo proud! of all of vacation time to serve the Lord...Go ye therefore...