Friday, July 27, 2012

Future DIY

Just thought I would share a couple of projects I plan on attempting in the near future {whenever I have a job and some moola}!!  Whatcha think?  Any big or small projects coming up for you?!

{I know for sure that I am making a "You are my sunshine" canvas...and I know where it's going, but haven't decided on the exact design yet}

{I actually found these this week at Hob Lob, but they didn't have a lot of pretty ones to choose from...just one cute design...hmm, maybe so many people are making these that their stock is just low!}

{okay...really on this one I'm not so much "making" the project, but putting it to good use...I just need one of these crates...hint, hint mom and dad...I'd be your best friend if you picked one of these up at Canton next weekend!!  Haha!!}

And moving on to some decorating pins....not so much crafting but easy decorating!!

{LOVE LOVE LOVE the little moss balls in the wire basket}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

{I know boring picture...but I have BIG BIG plans for burlap....finally decorating above our kitchen cabinets!!!}

I love Pinterest...maybe obsessed...surely not....quite possibly could be....probably not....right? :}

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