Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black Widow{S} {in my backyard}!!!!

Yep, I just killed ANOTHER black widow in my backyard.  I went my whole life never seeing one in person, and in the last few months I've seen/killed 100 4!!  UGH.  :((  My dad gave me some spray...I haven't used it...guess I should, huh?  And maybe I should get rid of EVERYTHING all toys, the grill, the sand/water table in my backyard to eliminate any hiding places for those scary boogers.  Oh and while I was playing She-ra and protecting my littles, I angered LOTS of ants...and they attacked.  My adrenaline was rushing so I didn't notice them till I got inside.  I literally had "ants in my pants"!!  Ha!  Anywho...I am now waging war against the evil Black Widow!!!

Wish me luck,
Ashley She-ra

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